23.07.2019Potsdam Entrepreneurship Experience Lab

Accelerating Your Start-Up Ideas - 14th to 17th August 2019

The 6th international „Potsdam Entrepreneurship Experience Lab“ is a four day start−up and innovation workshop. You will work in interdisciplinary teams to develop commercially feasible business models based on scientific ideas.

PEELx is unique in Europe as it enables the transfer of application-oriented research results into customer-oriented business models using Design Thinking and Lean Startup methods.

Learn how to think entrepreneurially and develop sustainable business concepts in just four days. You can be a technology provider based on your scientific field or just interested in de­veloping business ideas. We provide you with a comprehensive approach to accelerate your ideas from a spark to a minimal  viable product that can be tested in the market. PEELx will show you what your customers look for and gives you the knowledge needed to develop a sustainable business concept. This certi­ficated workshop will provide you with new perspectives and facilitate a stimulating learning journey.

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